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The superior reinforcement for concrete structures.


At REON Products, we pride ourselves on bringing a lasting change to the construction sector that helps reduce emissions and increase efficiencies. We pride ourselves on being custodians of the materials we are introducing.


We aim to serve the people we connect with through our dealings to help them achieve high-performance outcomes by utilizing composite materials like Mateenbar™ GFRP rebar.

Composite technology is on the rise within the construction sector.


We are lucky to be partnered with one of the world leaders in composite technology, Pultron Composites. Pultron has been in the composites industry for 35 years; they started in Gisborne, New Zealand, and now have manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia and North Carolina. They have a tireless passion for innovation, research, and developing composite construction materials that can replace archaic materials within the sector.


Residential House Slabs

GFRP house slabs can be done with any void type, or no void at all.


Ideal for Slab-on-ground applications, pavements, curbs and gutters, patios, sidewalk

Commercial & Infrastructure

The solution to corrosion, and concrete cancer for commercial infrastructure projects.


Reduction in cost, increase in profit

Easier material to work with means happier staff.

Reducing emissions means helping save the planet.

We are partnered with the world leader in durable GFRP rebar.


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