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Nathan Beaumont



To fundamentally change how we think and construct buildings using sustainable materials from the foundations and above. We aim for a 40% market share over the next five years, which will help reduce total emissions of reinforcement by 25-35% annually and significantly increase the lifecycle of the buildings to 100+ years.


The construction industry is in a period of stagnation. Companies and enterprises need to drive alternatives forward to the market and help champion sustainable initiatives within projects and their operations. We are and will be one of these key drivers of change.


REON was opened in November 2021 by our Director, Nathan Beaumont.

Nathan began looking for sustainable alternatives for his business when he started acknowledging his concreting company’s effect on the environment. Whilst looking for other options, he stumbled upon GFRP rebar and decided to purchase the rebar for his business. From that point, after using the material for the first time. He was hooked on the lightweight nature and the reduction of stress and cost on his workers. The love of GFRP rebar was formed, and so was REON .


“The first thing I noticed was the weight saving of the material. We installed 770m2 on our first job using GFRP. We completed it simultaneously timewise to steel but lifted roughly one hundred kilograms each. It saved us money which was a bonus, and from that point, I knew that this is what concreters, builders and the construction industry needed. To bring sustainable change that enabled the bottom line in a downward trend while decreasing emissions and labour requirements.

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